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As a parent, your child is your top priority. Their best interests, welfare, and mental and emotional health are all important to you. Unfortunately, when you are going through a divorce, it is sometimes not easy to come to an agreement with the other parent. You must either agree on how to co-parent your child or the court will intervene.

The child custody dispute process can be very stressful and emotional for all parties involved. Often, it becomes exhausting and may even affect your child psychologically.

The most effective way to approach negotiations on divorce child custody is to put tension and differences aside. An experienced and skilled Indianapolis child custody attorney like Maxine E. King can help you accomplish this.

How Is Child Custody Determined in Indiana?

Child custody refers to two separate parental rights under Indiana’s divorce statutes:

Physical custody is where a child lives and sleeps. The other is legal custody, which is the right to have legal decisions concerning the upbringing and welfare of a child. These often include education, religion, and health care. Both physical and legal custody may be agreed upon by the parents, ordered by the court to be solely with one party, or joint between both.

The parent awarded primary physical custody will have the child living in his or her household most of the time. Arrangements can be made based on what is in the best interest of the child. The other parent will be given parenting time, commonly known as visitation.

It is possible for both parents to have a joint legal custody of their child while one maintains sole physical custody. Every case is different.

If you are unable to agree on your own, you should talk to an experienced child custody lawyer to understand your rights and options.

When the Court Focuses on the Child

Though most divorce child custody battles consider what each parent wants, the court will instead focus on the child. The court may consider the arrangements a child prefers if he or she is 14 years or older. The following factors will also be taken into account:

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If you are considering divorce and would like to secure your child’s custody or parenting time, Maxine E. King, an experienced Indiana family law attorney can help. She has represented several clients in difficult child custody issues. Count on her to negotiate with the opposing party or win your battles in court.

Maxine E. King can represent clients facing all types of child custody issues, including developing custody arrangements, modifying child custody orders, and termination of parental rights and custody.

Other debates often arise out of a child custody issue, including the amount and timing of child support payments, visitation rights, how much time each party gets to spend with a child, and more.

She works with her clients closely to help them meet their custody objectives and identify all factual variables that might weigh into their child custody position.

Representation by a competent Indianapolis child custody lawyer can benefit you in many ways. Call the law office of Maxine E. King today and set up your first appointment to discuss your legal options!

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