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Every public speaker has a unique voice, but if you need a strong voice that inspires, a voice that motivates, a voice that tells a powerful story? That’s Atty. Maxine E. King’s.

Be it business conferences or personal development workshops, every event is a perfect opportunity to inspire people, educate them, and push them toward holistic growth and development.

Atty. Maxine E. King is a dynamic keynote and motivational speaker whose life-long mission is to empower people not only inside the court but also in stadiums and halls where she boldly stands as an engaging and thought-provoking public speaker. A woman of substance and vision, Atty. King delivers content custom-fit to your diverse needs when you need it and where you need it.

Inside Attorney Maxine King’s Portfolio

Drive, vision, and a proactive mindset make the most potent fuel toward success, and that’s what Atty. Maxine King has used as a life tool. From a very young age, Atty. King has achieved immeasurable success by combining her natural gifts with hard work, passion, and commitment.

A lawyer, an entrepreneur, and a public defender, Atty. King assumes different roles in her life, and she does so with excellence. Formerly an Elected Small Claims Court Judge, she has over 20 years of legal experience, and she has seen the many faces of adversity. Despite all stumbling blocks in her road, she stood strong with her faith and her devotion to her craft and her mission.

Aside from her successes inside and outside the academy, Atty. King has also gained recognition in varying fields, proof that nothing beats a strong character and a strong heart.

In the legal community, Atty. King was the former President of the Marion County Bar Association and Board Member. She was also awarded as the Woman of the Year by Mid-Western Region, Gamma Phi Delta Sorority, Inc, a sorority for business and professional woman. This, along with her voluntary service in the Evangelist and Courtesy and Women Ministries, makes her star shine even brighter not just in her field, but in her community as well.

A woman with compassion and determination, Atty. Maxine E. King now shares her inspiring story and her winning life lessons and strategies as she takes on a new role as a motivational and keynote speaker.

Bringing Excellence in Public Speaking

Despite different themes and setups, the purpose behind every public speech is the same: educate and encourage a live audience to strive more, live more, and find more meaning in life.

As a keynote and a motivational speaker, Atty. Maxine E. King dives deeper into the minds of your audience through customized content that is aligned with their needs and your goals without sacrificing your budget.

From legal aspects to inspirational talks, she brings quality into her work by using authentic concern and compassion as her motivating force. She doesn’t just deliver a speech for the sake of public speaking; she also does this to create a positive impact in the lives of those in her audience.

Do you want to take that leap toward creating real value for your audience? Book Atty. Maxine E. King for your next event, and watch her as she moves your crowd.

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