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There are two kinds of cases that can be filed in court: civil cases and criminal cases. Unlike in criminal cases, where the life, liberty, and civil rights of a person, which includes the right to vote and run for office are on the line, civil litigation involves non-criminal legal disputes between two or more parties who seek some form of compensation or damages from the other.

Civil cases require a less stringent standard of proof, which is a preponderance of evidence. This is compared to criminal cases, wherein the guilt of the accused must be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Civil litigation is usually concerned with disputes regarding money, personal property, real estate, contracts, and other similar issues.

Common Types of Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is a broad term that encompasses different types of cases and causes of action. If you are a landlord and your tenant fails to pay rent, then you could file a civil case in court. If you and your neighbor have a dispute regarding an overlapping portion of both your properties and it reaches the court, then that is an example of civil litigation. Some of the common types of civil disputes in Indiana include:

1. Breach of Contract

Almost every transaction between private persons is based on a contract, whether oral or written. Examples of these include contracts of sale, contracts of lease, contracts to buy and to sell, and many more. Because a contract is based highly on the agreed intent of both parties, it becomes inevitable that parties might disagree on some matters later. This would give rise to disputes that would require litigation to solve. Civil litigation attorney Maxine E. King can help you go over contracts and can represent you in civil proceedings if needed.

2. Civil Torts

Torts are civil wrongs that cause injury or harm to a complainant, resulting in a legal liability for the person who committed the act. Our office can help you with different kinds of torts and personal injury claims involving unsafe premises that might result in slip-and-fall accidents, animal attacks, or medical malpractice.

3. Labor Disputes

Labor disputes often arise from the breaching of an employment contract or labor laws. Civil litigation lawyer Maxine E. King has the skill and expertise to handle labor disputes like worker’s compensation claims and unfair labor practices.

4. Succession Cases

After a person dies, they leave their money and property to their heirs. In situations of interstate succession, it becomes inevitable that disputes may arise between heirs regarding the portion of the estate that they should be entitled to. In cases like this, parties might need to go to court to settle the dispute and distribute the estate among the heirs in accordance with the law.

Role of a Civil Litigation Lawyer

A civil litigation lawyer will act as your advocate in all judicial, quasi-judicial, and administrative proceedings, including pre-trial hearings, depositions, mediation, and arbitration. She will defend your position and state either why you are entitled to damages or why you should not be made to pay for damages, depending on whether you are the complainant or the defendant.

Maxine E. King is a civil litigation attorney with extensive experience in civil litigation cases. She can help you determine whether the case has merit. After that, she can advise you on the types of legal remedies available and file the proper complaints or defenses, should there be a need to do so.

If the dispute reaches the courts, Maxine E. King is a civil litigation attorney. who pours both her time and effort into gathering evidence and interviewing witnesses to ensure that your case is efficiently and effectively represented in court.

If you want to consult with a civil litigation lawyer about pressing legal matters, contact the Law Office of Maxine E. King today!

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